Studio Piana was founded in 1983. Opened by Dr. Rodolfo Piana with the purpose to deal himself of the oral health of their patients, with the collaboration of a professional hygienist from 2000. Since 2004, Dr. Carlo Piana joined the team of Studio Piana.

Even today, we want to maintain a size “on a human scale” where getting to know you before care and where the time we spend with you is not only clinical. Our vision of the medical profession and specifically dentistry is based to establish with their patients a relationship of mutual trust, where our expertise is supported by a collaboration of the patient that is followed in the path that will lead to good status oral health.

In our office actively collaborates, each with their own specialties in order to get to manage a multidisciplinary treatment plan.

Passion is what drives us and allowing us to put the spotlight on the patient, his needs, his ability and time, as it deems proper to devote to his health, proposing and explaining what the different treatment options with different pros and cons.

Each treatment is carefully explained and justified in making the patient so that he can participate as much as possible, have an awareness of the therapeutic process we’re going to face together.